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Our commitment to you

SmartMoves Human Capital (Pty) Ltd is a national supplier of one stop HR services customised to meet individual business needs. SmartMoves Human Capital (Pty) Limited is an organization of like minded people who share common goals and values. We believe that:

  • Honesty and Integrity are driving forces in our business
  • We have a real contribution to make to our clients
  • Professional respect and trust has to be earned
  • People make an organization

We believe that it is important to transfer knowledge and empower our clients as part of our customer service ethics. More importantly, we build sound relationships with them and have built up solid reputations within the various industries.

The team will personally interface and ensure service delivery and solutions to you and your business.

Why Choose SmartMoves Human Capital?

With so many service providers how do you choose the right one for your business? Here are some reasons to choose Smart Moves Human Capital:

Meet the team

One of SmartMoves driving philosophies is the principle that “people make a business”. The services offered by the SmartMoves Management team cover all sectors, industries and sizes of businesses from micro, small, medium to large multi-nationals. The expertise offered follows many years of corporate experience, and consulting for over 20 years. Professionalism and integrity is in the forefront of all we do.