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Industrial Relations Consultants

SmartMoves offers industrial relations consulting services covering all areas of labour relations including
chairing of disciplinary hearings
and preparation for CCMA and Bargaining Council.
Outsource all of your IR requirements to SmartMoves or only those services that you need.

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Industrial Relations Consulting and Support Services

SmartMoves offers affordable monthly retainers tailored to meet your business requirements. Alternatively, once-off project related consultations and professional support are offered for all the IR services available.

Industrial Relations Consulting Services

At SmartMoves, we understand the challenges of managing a business. You need to keep focused on what you do, and readily adapt to the needs of your customers to keep competitive and retain market share. All change, whether it be through growth, restructuring, products, mergers, downsizing or financially, impacts on employees in some way. Structured and legislatively compliant policy, practices and processes provide the support the business needs to operate within at all times.

SmartMoves is all about providing you with the support you need – from business start up, through growth and change or adversity. We will help you lay down the foundations to enable good people practices, financial management or through transitions to ensure your business maintains its integrity and remains risk free.

Proactive measures and laying solid, principled and legal foundations create stable working environments for all that work there. Contact us to get a quote on an affordable monthly retainer. There is no need to put out fires or lose credibility in adverse situations. We will assist you whilst you focus on what you do best.

Industrial Relations Support and Advice

When an employee steps out of line you often wish that you could just fire the person and be done with it. However, if you don't follow the procedures defined by the labour laws you will land up being found guilt of unfair dismissal. Smart Moves knows the legislation and can help and support you with any labour issues.

Did you know?

  • The CCMA is currently dealing with over 100 000 cases every year, 80% of which are related to allegations of unfair dismissal by employees against employers.
  • 40% of employers in South Africa have lost their case at a CCMA arbitration.

Contact SmartMoves Human Capital and get smart at handling your HR and Labour issues.

Industrial Relations Services

  • Disciplinary Hearings and Appeals
  • CCMA/Bargaining Council Preparation
  • Industrial Relations Consulting and Support
  • Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings