Development and implementation of Employment Equity Plans

Employment Equity in South Africa

SmartMoves are experts in the development and implementation of Employment Equity Plans and submission of required reports. We will guide you through the process and make sure you are compliant. Contact us today for an equity audit to ensure you are compliant.

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Employment Equity Consulting Services

SmartMoves are experts in the development and implementation of Employment Equity Plans and submission of annual reports to the Department of Labour. We will guide you through the process using our 10 Point Plan and make sure that equity in your organisation meets the requirements of the Act as well as supports the growth and success of your business. The two must go hand-in-hand. Avoid unnecessary and heavy penalties! Contact us today and ensure that your company complies with the Employment Equity Act!

Employment Equity legislation in South Africa

Employment Equity legislation in SA has been tightened over the last year, but does not appear to be reaping the desired results. Little has changed by way of appointments of ‘the previously disadvantaged’ to top and executive management positions as anticipated. The Department of Labour Inspectors are active in carrying out audits of organisations and not sympathetic to any cause. Fines of up to R1 500 000 or 2% of turnover are being imposed on non-complaint companies! The Act was drafted in 1998 and there are no longer excuses.

  • Are you a designated employer? If you employ more than 50 people and/or have an annual turnover that meets or exceeds the level stated in Schedule 4, you are required to develop an equity plan and submit an annual report against how the plan is progressing. 
  • If you are not a designated employer, you are still required to ensure that your company HR policy and practices are not in any way ‘discriminating’. You could be challenged by an employee under the Act ‘for any arbitrary reason’.
  • Are your salary levels clearly aligned to job responsibilities? The ‘equal pay for equal value’ clause affects ALL employers.
  • Do you have supporting policies and practices in place to ensure objectivity?

If you are not compliant, heavy penalties for companies AND the “responsible person” may be imposed. The fines are too onerous for you to not fully comply. Be proactive and take the necessary action today!

Do our quick assessment below to see if your company will pass an inspection, alternatively contact us today and we can take your through our 10 Point Plan to being compliant!

Employment Equity Compliance – Will you pass an inspection?

Do the quick assessment below against a few key aspects. If you find that you do not score well, make an appointment with us to assist you in the process. Our rates are very reasonable, and a full audit will put your mind at ease and show you what your organisation needs to do. Contact us today and let us help you get smart with  employment equity in your organisation.




Do you have a designated senior manager to drive the equity process, and has the person signed an agreement to take on that responsibility?    
Has the equity plan and report been communicated and published in the workplace?    
Do you have a duly elected committee that is representative of all races, genders and levels who have been nominated and willingly accepted the responsibility?    
Do you have minutes of the Employment Equity Committee Meetings?    
Does your profile accurately reflect the degree of representation of designated groups against the EAP (economically active population) both nationally and provincially?    
Has your organisation modified or made any adjustments to accommodate disabilities?    
Do all your employees have job descriptions that clearly state what their responsibilities are, as well as graded / evaluated objectively accordingly?    
Do you have a policy on medical testing?    
Are all your line managers trained on performance management?    
Has readiness of designated people to be given added responsibilities been determined through assessments and appraisals?    
Do you have an up-to-date skills gap analysis for all employees that clearly identifies development plans for individuals, specifically aligned to the Equity Plan?    
Do you have the 9 key policies to support your equity strategy in place?    
Have you set up measures to determine the success of the Plan?    

Employment Equity Services

  • Conduct workplace audits
  • Design and implement Employment Equity strategies, policies and procedures
  • Develop Employment Equity plans
  • Train employees on Employment Equity issues
  • Complete and submit required reports to the Department of Labour
  • Monitor performance against the plan